L O G I S T I C S  M A N A G E M E N T


Cape Fox Facilities Services provides facility, maintenance, and field service support to facilitate the transmission of information and enhance information technology efforts in maintaining and supporting logistical data systems. The total logistical support specialties we offer range from customer service center (help desk), field analyst, on site user, server/network management, to system New Equipment Training (NET)/documentation. Our goal is to provide responsive solutions to users in support of agency missions worldwide and maintaining complete operational capabilities.


We Specialize In
  • Responding to network feed outages, answering software questions for field service representatives and warfighters, and troubleshooting issues
  • Conducting new equipment training, delta training, updating/maintaining training manuals, and maintaining training databases
  • Managing hardware/software for servers, firewalls, intrusion detection, routers, switches, desktops laptops, and peripherals
  • Conducting maintenance and support (plan, design, test, and implementation of upgrades) for Oracle and SQL databases, and system administration on servers
  • Performing configuration management for software products, data feeds and connections, source providers, and servers
  • Performing software installation, application testing, and burn-in of installed software
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