S C I E N T I F I C  A N D  T E C H N I C A L  S U P P O R T


Cape Fox Facilities Services provides scientific and technical support solutions, helping to lead the way towards important medical discoveries that improve people’s health. For the purpose of furthering medical research, we support scientists who are investigating ways to prevent disease, as well as determine the causes, treatments, and cures for common and rare diseases. Our team brings together the advanced skills of scientific experts and technical professionals to achieve complete program support in the scientific and technical markets.


We Specialize In
  • Communications planning and dissemination, facilitating the flow of project and program information, and liaising with the community in outreach efforts
  • Performing scientific procedures including designing, planning, conducting, and evaluating experiments, calibrating equipment, and taxonomy and identifying species typing
  • Help support all stages of both clinical and non-clinical development and studies
  • Investigational product manufacturing and testing to help lower cost, improve performance and address safety requirements
  • Acquisition Documentation Support
  • Procurement and vendor management, as well as work order coordination
  • Preparing media and tissue samples for techniques such as cell culture, DNA analysis, flow cytometry, gene cloning, manipulating radioactive isotopes, dissections, and whole body or specific organ perfusion
  • Maintaining inventories of supplies, reagents, and critical materials
  • Tracking personnel training, production records, standard operating procedure generation and review, and equipment maintenance completion
  • Performing data review, library and scholarly article maintenance and research, and warehousing shipping and receiving functions
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